How ABD works

ABD (Automatic Brake Distribution) is a Dual Valve Vacuum booster working automatically and can be installed in the vehicles within 20 minutes of time. There will not be any change or modifications in the vehicle because ABD resembles Vacuum Booster of the vehicles. The existing Vacuum Booster will be replaced by ABD. All other parts will not be moved or affected. ABD is a dual valve dual diaphragm vacuum booster will be installed in the middle of brake pedal and master cylinder. The forcing of vacuum is automatic and steady so that the uneven braking pressure and hardness of brake pedal will not happen with ABD.

In fact ABD is working as a Brake Assist, which helps the driver to brake effortlessly and smoothly. ABD is a hassle free product, which only helps to use the vacuum in proper time and in proper measures. ABD works independently and has no connection with any electronic circuits or mechanic parts of the vehicles. ABD is not only enhances the brake performance but also enhances the overall performance of the vehicles.

ABD installation and working Diagram

Graphical Representation