Automatic Brake Distribution Total Brake Solutions

ABD brakes perform better, experience less fade, and have improved stopping power for longer. Not only does this improve safety significantly, but it also greatly enhances reliability and performance meaning greater availability and utilization of your vehicle fleet.

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Why ABD?

The changed driving style gives customers effortless braking and gives confidence behind wheels. Provides maximum safety of passengers even from seat belt injuries.

Braking Distance

The braking distance can be reduced to 50%.

Driving Comfort

Effortless braking behind wheels.

Long lasting brake pads

Quick braking results in friction free.

Extended Tyre Life

Low wheel temperature due to reduced number of braking.


Even if you drive more than 100 km, it can be reduced to 20 to 40 km within a second.

Passenger friendly

The braking will be even and steady so that the sudden inertia will not happen.